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Exploring the Craftsmanship Behind B'RAD BBQ's Signature Smoked Hams

Updated: Jun 24

Welcome to B'RAD BBQ, where the art of smoking meets the essence of tradition. As we embrace the spirit of the holiday season, we're excited to unveil a culinary masterpiece that will grace your festive table with a burst of exceptional flavors - our signature smoked hams.

The Making of an Exceptional Ham

At B'RAD BBQ, we start with the finest Australian pork, ensuring that each ham embodies the quality and flavors we stand for. Our hams are thoughtfully brined locally, infusing them with a medley of tantalizing flavors. Yet, what truly sets our hams apart is the meticulous smoking process, guided by our esteemed Pitmaster Brad.

Pitmaster Brad: A Maestro of Flavors

Pitmaster Brad, with his wealth of expertise in the art of smoking, meticulously oversees the entire process. The hams are slow-smoked over local hardwood for a generous 14 hours, allowing the natural flavors to meld and mature. This infusion of local hardwood smoke not only imparts a unique taste but also an enticing aroma that will have your taste buds longing for more.

Versatility Redefined

Our smoked hams are incredibly versatile, ready to take center stage at your holiday feast. Whether you prefer a warm, oven-baked glaze that caramelizes to perfection or the simplicity of cold, thinly sliced ham, the choice is entirely yours. The tender, succulent meat of our hams makes for an unforgettable dining experience, each bite embodying the passion and dedication we put into our craft.

A Gift with Every Ham: The B'RAD BBQ Ham Bag

To add a touch of thoughtfulness to your experience, we present you with our specially designed B'RAD BBQ ham bag with every purchase of a ham (or half ham). It's more than just a bag; it's a symbol of the exceptional quality and taste that awaits you.

Time is of the Essence: Secure Your Ham Today

The holidays are fast approaching, and the demand for our smoked hams is soaring. Don't miss the opportunity to have a B'RAD BBQ smoked ham grace your holiday table. Place your order today and receive it with our heartfelt thanks and a stylish B'RAD BBQ ham bag. Orders close on December 1st, so act swiftly!

Experience the artistry of Pitmaster Brad and the unmatched flavor of B'RAD BBQ's smoked hams. Join us in unwrapping the goodness and making this holiday season a memorable feast for all.

Unwrap the flavor. Taste the tradition. Make it a B'RAD BBQ holiday.


Pitmaster Brad

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