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The Secret to Great BBQ: Salt, Pepper, and Smoky Goodness

 At B'RAD BBQ, I am all about keeping things simple yet tasty. Salt, pepper, and smoky flavour—that's the heart of my BBQ magic.

Salt and Pepper: The Flavour Heroes

People are always surprised when they ask what rub I use on my brisket. In a world of fancy stuff and a million different rubs, I tend to stick to basics. Good old salt and pepper! They're like the best buddies of BBQ. Salt loves meat, and meat loves salt in the words of chef, Adrian Richardson. Salt makes things taste better, and pepper adds zing. Together, they make the meat sing without drowning out its natural flavour.

Letting Smoke Work Its Charm

Ever noticed that amazing smell when wood burns? That's my (not so) secret ingredient. I cook low and slow, letting that smoky goodness surround the meat. I love a tomahawk reverse seared in the smoker, and then charred on our very own Argentinian Grill that we call the Stanko Grill (picture) because my brother Mark helped me build it.

Stanko Grill
Stanko Grill - The Stankiewicz Brothers Argentinian Grill

Why Wood Wins Over Pellets

Sure, pellets are easy, but nothing beats the real deal—wood. It gives my BBQ its unique flavour and really holds with tradition. No judgement for those that use pellets, not everyone has the time and patience to really work a fire, that’s just our life in this busy world. There's an art to tending a fire, and wood lets us explore it, creating BBQ that's one-of-a-kind with a deep flavour that can’t be beaten. Up here in Darwin my woods of choice are Woollybutt and Stringybark – just make sure they are well dried.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Using Rubs and Sauces

I am not against rubs and sauces—they have their moments, especially with certain dishes like pulled pork or my signature chicken wings. While I respect the tradition of using specific rubs or sauces for these dishes I prefer the natural flavour you get with smoke. So, when you dive into our pulled pork or any dish that rocks a rub or sauce, know that I've balanced it to highlight the meat's essence, and maybe just a little begrudgingly!

Keeping It Simple, Keeping It Real

Forget complicated stuff. Salt, pepper, and smoke—that's all it takes.B'RAD BBQ celebrates the natural taste of meat, no fancy frills, just good ol' flavours done right. When you take a bite of my BBQ, I want you to remember—it's not just food; it's a journey through simple, delicious flavours that I love to share.

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